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Week-end des Grands Crus



All activities during the Weekend des Grand Crus (tasting, dinner, soirée, tour, open day, golf) are exclusively reserved for people over 18; ID may be requested at the entrance.

In this type of event, tasting wine does not mean drinking it: spittoons are available in the tasting room. We advise you to use them systematically if you wish to enjoy the full range of wines offered for tasting.

It is up to each person to adapt their alcohol consumption according to their physiology and any current medical issues or medication. We remind you that pregnant women are strongly advised not to consume alcohol and that, in general, alcohol abuse is hazardous to health. If you think you have exceeded the alcohol limit for driving a vehicle at the end of the tasting, (currently defined in France as a concentration of 0.25 milligrams alcohol per litre or above in exhaled air), please ask a member of our reception staff for a breathalyser, which will be distributed free of charge. We will also be happy to call a taxi for you, at your own expense.

If you order passes for several people, please register the last and first names and email addresses of all your guests. The bus tours on Sunday are organized by BORDEAUX Ecxellence, travel agency license N° IM 033110010. Members of the public are informed that they may be included in films or live television broadcasts made during the event, or photographs taken by journalists.

The customer has a period of 14 days from his order to exercise his right of withdrawal. The customer must at first inform the sales department in writing (email, fax or letter) of his decision (a specific form in PDF for this purpose will be sent it by return). For further information, please contact UGCB at +33 (5) 56 51 91 91 /