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Saint-Émilion Grand Cru
Premier Grand Cru Classé
The Castéja heirs
The name TrotteVieille comes from a legend having to do with an old lady who lived there centuries ago. A coach stop was located at the intersection of two roads just outside her house. Whenever a carriage stopped there, the old lady (la vieille) “trotted out” to hear all the latest news.

The second wine, La Dame de TrotteVieille, was created in 2002. A 15th century parchment written in Gascon proves that the name was already in use then.

The vineyard also has a very rare plot of pre-phylloxera vines. The grapes are handpicked into small crates and winemaking is always meticulous. Château TrotteVieille is known for its elegance, roundness, and very long aftertaste.

TrotteVieille has been a Premier Grand Cru Classé since the first classification of Saint-Emilion wines.

Managing director
Château TrotteVieille
( Saint-Émilion Grand Cru )
Château TrotteVieille
+33 (0)5 56 00 00 70
The Château in figures
Area under vine

12 hectares


Limestone plateau covered with a thin layer of clay (about 30 centimetres)

Grape varieties

50 % Merlot

45 % Cabernet franc 

5 % Cabernet Sauvignon

Barrel ageing

12-18 months

New barrels: 100%

Second wine

Dame de TrotteVieille