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Sigalas Rabaud

Sauternes & Barsac
Premier Grand Cru Classé en 1855
the Lambert des Granges family
The configuration of Domaine de Rabaud, created in 1660, changed significantly in 1903 when Monsieur de Sigalas created a “jewel of a terroir” from clay-gravel plots in the southern part of the former Rabaud estate. These fourteen hectares formed a jewel of a vineyard, the smallest of the first growths in the 1855 classification.

Six generations later, the Marquis de Lambert des Granges and his daughter, Laure, now look after viticulture and winemaking with the same passion.

They produce a fine, fresh, elegant Sauternes whose structure is conferred by 85% Sémillon and charm by 15% Sauvignon Blanc. Sigalas-Rabaud is very refined – a true connoisseur’s wine that is enjoyable when young thanks to a bouquet of lime blossom and white fruit, although it is frequently able to age for over a century. The second wine, Lieutenant de Sigalas, is the first growth’s “little brother,” made after a strict selection process. It combines the distinction of the grand vin with astonishing freshness.

This great terroir for white wines also produces two excellent dry white wines, Sémillante de Sigalas, made from old Sémillon vines, and Demoiselle de Sigalas, a blend of Sémillon and Sauvignon Blanc.

Managing Director
Château Sigalas Rabaud
( Sauternes & Barsac )
Château Sigalas Rabaud
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The Château in figures
Area under wine

14 hectares


25,000 bottles


Gravel and clay

Grape varieties

85 % Sémillon

15 % Sauvignon

Barrel ageing

20 months

New barrels: 33%

Second wine

Lieutenant de Sigalas