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The Labruyère family
Records of vines at the place named "Rougier" (later transformed into "Rouget") go as far back as the 12th century. A former seat of the Knights Hospitaller, Rouget was a regular stopover for pilgrims in search of an attractive place to rest with good wine.

The house on the property was razed in the late 18th century and replaced by the present-day manor, one of the most remarkable buildings in Pomerol.

Purchased in 1994 by the Labruyère family, whose winegrowing background in Burgundy goes back to 1830, Château Rouget has enjoyed a vigorous renewal. Reconsolidating the estate with the purchase of plots located on Pomerol’s upper plateau, Jean-Pierre Labruyère and his son, Édouard, provided Rouget with some of the best terroir in the appellation. With more than 18 hectares of vines (predominantly Merlot, but Cabernet Franc also plays a major role), Rouget is an ambassador for the elegance and finesse of wines from the best clay-gravel soil in Pomerol.

A new cellar was built to ferment grapes from each plot separately, and even from areas within plots. This makes it possible to fine tune the final blend. Thanks to meticulous work in the vineyard and precision winemaking, Château has received praise from wine lovers around the world in recent years.

Château  Rouget
( Pomerol )
Château Rouget ENG
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The Château in figures
Area under wine

17 hectares


48 000 bottles


Clay-limestone, alluvial gravel

Grape varieties

85% Merlot

15% Cabernet Franc

Barrel ageing

18-24 months

New barrels : 25%

Second wine

Le Carillon de Rouget