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Pape Clément

Cru Classé de Graves
Bernard Magrez
Few great wines can boast seven centuries of history and trace their origins back to a pope.

Elected supreme pontiff during the reign of King Philip the Handsome in 1305, Clement V gave his name to Château Pape Clément.

The present owner does his utmost to perpetuate the ancient tradition of quality. Among other innovations, this was the first estate in Bordeaux to destem the entire crop by hand. The grapes are transported by gravity flow into small oak fermentation vats adapted to the yield of each plot. The entire winemaking process is conducted with minute attention to detail. Combining traditional and state-of-the-art techniques, Pape Clément is made according to the highest standards.

Everything is done in the vineyard to let the terroir express itself fully. As part of an environmentally-friendly approach, chemical weed killers have been abandoned in favour of ploughing.

Château Pape Clément
( Pessac-Léognan )
Château Pape Clément
216 avenue du Docteur Nancel Pénard
+ 33 (0)5 57 26 38 38
How to pronouce Château Pape Clément ?
The Château in figures
Area under wine

60 hectares


Red wine: 110,000 bottles

White wine: 10,000 bottles


Pyrenean clay gravel from the late Pliocene and early Quaternary periods

Grape varieties

Red wine:

49 % Merlot

46 % Cabernet Sauvignon

3 % Cabernet franc

2 % Petit Verdot

White wine:

45 % Sauvignon

45 % Sémillon

5 % Muscadelle

5 % Sauvignon gris

Barrel ageing

Red wine: 18 months

White wine: 12-14 months

New barrels: 70 %

Second wine