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Sauternes & Barsac
Premier Grand Cru Classé en 1855
S.C.A. Château Guiraud
Château Guiraud takes its name from a Bordeaux négociant, Pierre Guiraud, who purchased the estate in 1766.

Included among the 1st growths in the 1855 classification, Château Guiraud has more than a hundred hectares of vines.

This magnificent property is well-known for their natural approach to viticulture. This includes the construction of insect hotels, planting five kilometres of hedges, developing genetic diversity, studying and propagating vines in a conservatory, etc.

Château Guiraud was the first among the 1st growths in the 1855 classification to be officially certified for organic viticulture in 2011.

The estate’s ecological orientation helps to produce great wines with a strong personality and tremendous finesse. Château Guiraud is profound and well-focused with fruity and mineral flavours of extreme freshness.

Manager and co-owner
Château Guiraud
( Sauternes & Barsac )
Château Guiraud
1 Guiraud
+33 (0)5 56 76 61 01
The Château in figures
Area under wine

100 hectares


75,000 bottles


Gravel with sand and clay

Grape varieties

65 % Sémillon

35 % Sauvignon blanc

Barrel ageing

24 months

New barrels: 90%

Second wine

Petit Guiraud