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S.C. Domaines Martin
Henri Martin creator of Château Gloria, was the grandson of the cellarmaster at Château Gruaud-Larose and son of a cooper in the village of Beychevelle.

His family had been connected for many years with the vines and cellars that dot the Saint-Julien countryside. In fact, the Martins were variously vineyard workers, vineyard managers, and cellar workers for some three centuries. The dream of every vineyard worker in the Médoc is to buy a few rows of Cabernet or Merlot vines for the pleasure of cultivating their own land and to have something to leave to their children.

So, in the early 1940s, Henri Martin (who had started out a cooper like his father), turned his attention to viticulture. His first purchase was 6,000 vines in Saint-Julien alongside the family home in 1939. This was the beginning of what would later become Château Gloria, a patchwork of various plots scattered among classified growth vineyards. This was the work of his life.

Today, Françoise (his daughter) and Jean-Louis Triaud (his son-inlaw), assisted by their children, Vanessa and Jean, continue the family tradition with passion.

Joint Manager
Château Gloria
( Saint-Julien )
Joint Manager
Château Gloria
( Saint-Julien )
Château Gloria
+33 (0)5 56 59 08 18
The Château in figures
Area under wine

50 hectares


250,000 bottles


Gravel from the Günz period on a clay-sand subsoil

Grape varieties

65 % Cabernet Sauvignon

25 % Merlot

5 % Cabernet franc

5 % Petit Verdot

Barrel ageing

14 months

New barrels: 40 %

Second wine

Château Peymartin