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Châteaux et Domaines Castel
Château Ferrande is located in the commune de Castres-Gironde, in the heart of the Graves. The beautiful manor house, restored in the late 19th century, overlooks a vineyard that is much older.

Ferrande is located near the town of Castres on the Bordeaux- Toulouse road. The known presence of Romans in the commune as early as the 1st century B.C. makes it more than likely that wine was produced here at a very early date. A manor house has existed on the estate since the late 15th century. According to land records, the vineyard has expanded significantly over the centuries.

Rich owners and major négociants succeeded one another at Ferrande. In the 1960s, Admiral Delnaud, a lover of both fine wine and horse racing, purchased the château.

The Castel family acquired Ferrande in 1992. They have made many investments in the vineyard and cellars since then, and
Château Ferrande’s former lustre is being increasingly restored with each passing year.

Estate Manager
Château  Ferrande
( Graves )
Château Ferrande
Route du bois de Savi
+33 (0)5 56 35 72 73
The Château in figures
Area under wine

98 hectares


450,000 bottles



Grape varieties

Red wine :

  • 50 % Merlot
  • 50 % Cabernet


White wine :

  • 30 % Sauvignon blanc
  • 30 % Sauvignon gris
  • 40 % Sémillon
Barrel ageing
  • Red wine : 14 mois
  • White wine : 10 mois


Barriques neuves :

  • Red wine : 30 %
  • White wine : 15 %