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de Lamarque

The Gromand d’Evry family
The seigneury of Lamarque takes its name from la marche (meaning “the marches”, reflecting its location on the border of the province of Guyenne).

The fortified château was built to defend the Médoc against Vikings invading from the Gironde estuary and was also subject to fierce assaults by the English during the Hundred Years’ War.

Thalésie de Lamarque, who owned the château in 1247, was a very charming, happy person who left her mark on the castle and its surrounding vineyard. In fact, her presence is part of the vineyard’s soul and can still be felt on evenings when a strong wind blows over the castle battlements.

Her spirit continues to accompany the talented men and women who take care of this superb terroir, giving the wines of Lamarque their brilliance, freshness, sensuality, and long aftertaste. 763 years later, her ancestor, Thalésie d’Everlange, the granddaughter of Marie-Hélène et Pierre-Gilles, embodies the same value.

Gromand d’Evry
Château  de Lamarque
( Haut-Médoc )
Château de Lamarque
28, rue Principale
+33 (0)5 56 58 90 03
How to pronouce Château de Lamarque ?
The Château in figures
Area under wine

42 hectares


180 000 bottles


85% Garonne gravel

5% clay-limestone soil

10% sand and iron hardpan

Grape varieties

45 % Cabernet Sauvignon

45 % Merlot

10 % Petit Verdot

Barrel ageing

16-18 months

New barrels: 40%

Second wine

Donjon de Lamarque