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de France

The Thomassin family
The vineyard is located on the highest slope of the gravel terrace in Léognan, the tallest of four gravelly terraces deposited by the Garonne River when it overflowed its banks in centuries past.

The sunny microclimate and the unusual soil account for Château de France’s unique terroir.

The Thomassin family acquired the estate in 1971 and has made numerous investments ever since. The vineyard was entirely replanted and the vat room and cellars renovated. This was all done with one goal in mind: to make very great wine.

Arnaud Thomassin, who came to work at the estate in 1994, is now the manager.

Château de France is distributed in France and around the world. Its fine reputation is an acknowledgement of its quality as well as the major efforts undertaken by the Thomassin family for over forty years.

Both the grand vin, Château de France, and the second wine, Château Coquillas, are produced in red and white versions.

Managing Director
Château de France
( Pessac-Léognan )
Château de France
98, route de Mont de Marsan
+33 (0)5 56 64 75 39
How to pronouce Château de France ?
The Château in figures
Area under wine

41 hectares


Red wine: 60,000 bottles

White wine: 18,000 bottles


Deep gravel

Grape varieties

Red wine :

55 % Cabernet Sauvignon

45 % Merlot

White wine :

80 % Sauvignon

20 % Sémillon

Barrel ageing

Red wine: 12 months


New barrels:

Red wine: 40%

Second wine

Château Coquillas