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de Chantegrive

the Lévêque family
Château de Chantegrive is located in Podensac in a beautiful Italian like setting overlooking acacia trees and vines typical of the Graves appellation.

The south-facing vines are surrounded by a low stone wall and soak up the warm sunlight on beautiful summer days. There are river stones ranging in colour from pink to beige on the vineyard’s fine sandy soil.

In autumn, one can hear the sound of secateurs as well as pickers singing. Grape bunches fill up crates as people tease one another and talk about their lives.

Chantegrive is a dream that knows no frontiers.

Created in 1966 by Henri and Françoise Lévêque thanks to the sale of their precious stamp collection, Chantegrive continues to please customers around the world. The wine is expertly blended, elegant, and refined. It is much appreciated for its reliable quality. In conjunction with the cellar master, consulting oenologist
Hubert de Boüard, owner of Château Angélus, ensures that Chantegrive is excellent in all vintages.

Managing Director
Château  de Chantegrive
( Graves )
Château de Chantegrive
44, cours Georges Clémenceau
+33 (0)5 56 27 17 38
How to pronouce Château de Chantegrive ?
The Château in figures

96 hectares


Red wine: 210,000 bottles

White wine: 80,000 bottles


Coarse gravel with layers of fine or medium-grain sand on a clay-limestone subsoil

Grape varieties

Red wine:

50% Merlot

50% Cabernet Sauvignon

White wine:

50% Sémillon

50% Sauvignon Blanc

Barrel ageing

Red wine: 12 months 

White wine: 9 months 


New barrels:

Red wine: 50 %

White wine: 50 %

Second wine

Benjamin de Chantegrive