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Famille Miailhe
Château Coufran was acquired in 1924 by Louis Miailhe, the grandfather of the present owners.

The Miailhe family were well-known wine brokers at the time, with experience in the profession going back to 1793. As time went on, they came to own a number of well-known Médoc wine châteaux. Jean Miailhe’s children, Marie-Cécile Vicaire and Éric Miailhe, now manage the family estates: Château Coufran and Château Verdignan.

Often called the “Pomerol of the Médoc” because it is made nearly entirely from Merlot, Château Coufran has a fine location overlooking the Gironde estuary, with a mild microclimate and fine sun exposure.

This large estate produces in excess of 400,000 bottles of generous, concentrated wine that ages very well. Furthermore, Château Coufran specialises in selling wines that are ready to drink. Modern storage facilities house large quantities of wines from the previous ten years. This makes it possible to appreciate mature wines with an excellent quality/price ratio, and whose provenance one can be assured of.

Château Coufran
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How to pronouce Château Coufran ?
The Château in figures
Area under wine

76 hectares


420,000 bottles


Garonne gravel

Grape varieties

85 % Merlot

15 % Cabernet Sauvignon

Barrel ageing

12-18 months

New barrels: 25%

Second wine

N°2 de Coufran